Dinwiddie County e-Treasurer Services

The Dinwiddie County Treasurer's Office is pleased to offer online payment and inquiry services. This site can be used to inquire into tax ticket information.and make online payments to the Dinwiddie County Treasurer's Office for real estate and personal property taxes.

In addition to the County Tax there is a separate Town tax incurred for properties located within the Town limits of McKenney. (EXAMPLE: 80A1 & 80A2) Contact: Town Hall at 804-478-4621 on Tuesday and Friday between hours of 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM.

Tax information beginning with the 2006 tax year is available on the System. If the system shows taxes as delinquent, or if you have an inquiry about a tax year prior to 2006, please contact the Dinwiddie County Treasurers Office directly for more information.

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Inquiry Options

Real Estate Tax:

View Real Estate payment history.

Personal Property Tax:

View Personal Property payment history.

Yearly Real Estate Taxes Paid:

View Real Estate taxes paid by year.

Yearly Personal Property Taxes Paid:

View Personal Property taxes paid by year.

Payment Options

Pay Real Estate Tax:

Pay Real Estate taxes online. Enter by Dept/Ticket Number, Parcel Number, Name or Account Number.

Pay Personal Property Tax:

Pay Personal Property taxes online. Enter by Dept/Ticket Number or Account Number.

Prepay Real Estate Tax:

Prepay Real Estate taxes before bills are issued.

Prepay Personal Property Tax:

Prepay Personal Property taxes before bills are issued.

Pay Business License:

Pay for new business license application or renewal.

Pay Meals/Admissions/Transient Taxes:

Pay monthly admission, meals, transient, or special events taxes. Search by Account Number, Business ID or Password.

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